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The Amateur Radio Association of the Southern Tier, Inc., elects it's officers each year.  The general membership elects the Board Members, and the Board Members then elect the officers.  Generally, the Board Members serve a three year term, unless they have been appointed or elected to fill the unexpired term of a Board Member who is no longer able to continue in the position.


2015 - 2016 OFFICERS
President - Charlie Santi (KA2BED)
Vice President - Barry C. Gabriel (N2EUS)
Secretary - Albert Comfort (KD2DGF)
Treasurer - Larry Peterson (N2AMW)


The current Board Members are listed below by their class (Year their term expires):


Class of 2016
Tom English (N2YJY)
Barry C. Gabriel (N2EUS)
Randy J. Viele (N2SYT)
LeVerne Lamie (KA2ZMT)


Class of 2017
Dave LaForce (KC2FNZ)
Terry Briggs (KC2STD)
Larry Peterson (N2AMW)
Albert Comfort (KD2DGF)
Class of 2018
Mark Schoonover (KD5KVI)
Charlie Santi  (KA2BED)
Elliott Blauvelt, Jr. (N2OJM)


By provision of the Amateur Radio Association of the Southern Tier By Laws, the person designated as the Emergency Coordinator for the Chemung County Amateur Radio Emergency Service is a member of the Board of Directors.

Emergency Coordinator

Elliott R. Blauvelt, Jr. (N2OJM)